The Walking Dead Comics by Robert Kirkman Collections

All of Robert Kirkman famous “The Walking Dead”

The Walking Dead Comics by Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead Comics by Robert Kirkman

All of “The Walking Dead” comics by Robert Kirkman, for view or download below. If you enjoy them support the author and buy them. Thanks for coming, if any links die, leave message and will fix as soon as possible. Get all Download Here –



  1. Let’s be honest. And next up, evidence that large brown mammals do indeed defecate in wooded areas! Strategically, it might make logical sense, but trust is not engendered by announcing The Walking Dead Comics.

  2. I am so pumped for the scenes. Regardless I grin at Glenn decking that fella. I think the gathering has arrived at another purpose of development. With Hershel’s homestead, the jail, and Terminus, I think they were all the while attempting to clutch some semblence of their previous lives, setting up “ah, it feels good to be back home” at every spot. They have since scholarly a hard lesson: everything out there is attempting to slaughter them. I think they have relinquished any idea of a “safe” spot, of a come back to “the way things were”. That won’t happen until all the walkers are dead and a working, common society has been restored. At the point when Rick told Darryl they may bring down Alexandria, I totally concur. The gathering realizes that what is outside is attempting to get in, and it can’t let the clumsy nationals of Alexandria run the show, or everybody will pass on.

  3. I like the way Rick a co speak with only a look. At the point when Carl needed to look at the house nearby, Rick simply took a gander at Carol as though to say, “run with him” adore it!! Likewise cherished the way Rick and Carl collaborated on the walkers outside. No “what the hellfire are u doing over here Carl!” simply “Get prepared!” I rewatched that scene more than a couple times lol

  4. This is now getting stupid. Call it what it is, and be done with it: The Walking Dead Comics. They are an albatross, turn them into supermarket check-out employees or something else useful like do-gooders, but then maybe not probably they would stuff that up also.

  5. I think given the comments so far it is unnecessary to post a rejoinder to this absurdly dumb ass contentless childish voodoo, but let me put my vote down against this amazingly addled rubbish. It’s as if folks have been in deep hibernation and only just awoke with NO knowledge of the damage caused by The Walking Dead Comics and just accepting everything has got to change and is going to get worse, because a wise man has said so. Impending detrimental outcomes would be a more fun way to spend an evening.

  6. The authors need us to NOT believe her in light of the fact that we’ve been on this voyage with Ricks aggregate the entire time. We are getting to be a piece of their gathering and we have to be suspicious right alongside them. The authors have attained to their goal…excellent!

  7. Rick fundamentally tells Deanna what the gathering will do in his meeting. That is the reason they replay it before that last scene. He’s advising her that somehow his gathering will survive. All through the scene they’re taking a gander at the plot, taking a gander at the shortcomings, taking the measure of these individuals. Hymn is having impact, incorporating herself to know who will be who. The others are taking a gander at the way they do runs, how they keep up their barriers, and so on. Rick has situated himself into a position of power as of now. Furthermore Daryl is keeping all suspicion on him so that nobody stresses over the others. The special case who is by all accounts drinking the Kool-help is Michonne.

  8. Relies on upon how close they are going to take after the bend in the funnies.

    On the off chance that Deanna is anything like Douglas, she isn’t generally all that arranged. So I don’t see it as abhorrent or brave, I see it as keen – Rick is better arranged to handle things since he’s had more involvement with what’s out there than presumably a great many people in Alexandria. I would rather him be in control than somebody who has next to zero experience and wouldn’t generally recognize what to do in the occasion of, say, a huge rupture if and when the dividers come up short.

  9. I think deanna is slightly like Dawn from the hospital…only taking care of things different…she is losing control of her group..and that is the reason she needs somebody like this group.and rick to draw it back together….and the adolescent chick that snuck out…I think she is recon for some other group…a spy

  10. Carol character has ended up SO.STRONG! She was a casualty of her spouse yet she won’t be a casualty of this new world. Rick won’t let his family go without a battle and I accept on the off chance that he did assume control it would be better for the group.

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